21st Hungarian Sociolinguistics Conference

Until the change of regime, Hungarian-Hungarian relations were contingent, mainly based on individual personal relationships, and scientific cooperation could not be an exception. The forum for organized and regular contact between Hungarian Linguists in Hungary and abroad was launched by a series of Hungarian Sociolinguistics Conferences launched in 1988, and a series of volumes have been published from the presentations of most conferences. In 2020, the 21st meeting is going to be organized.

The 21st Hungarian Sociolinguistics Conference is scheduled for October 8-10, 2020, in Beregszász at Ferenc Rákóczi II College of Higher Education.

In the focus of the conference: the border as a convergence and divergence factor in language (for more details, see the attached summary).

On behalf of the organizers and the hosts, we invite you to the 21st Hungarian Sociolinguistics Conference.


1st Circular Letter


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