21st Hungarian Sociolinguistics Conference

Dear Colleagues,

 The unfolding corona virus (COVID-19) crisis has significantly affected all our lives in the past few weeks. As authorities work to contain the spread of the virus, many national and international events have been postponed. Due to continued uncertainties, the organizers of the conference, 21st Hungarian Sociolinguistics Conference: the border as a convergence and divergence factor in language, due to take place in Berehovo / Beregszász (Transcarpathia, Ukraine), this forthcoming October, have decided to postpone the event until next year.

The biannual Hungarian Sociolinguistics Conference will therefore be held in Berehovo / Beregszász (Transcarpathia, Ukraine), 2021. Registrations will be transferred to the 2021 event. Accepted papers will also be transferred to next year’s conference.

By January 2021, the organizers will re-send the call for papers.

We greatly regret that it has come to this, but we must consider participants’ health and well-being. We look forward to welcoming you to Berehovo / Beregszász (Transcarpathia, Ukraine) in 2021.


With best regards,

the Organizers

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