Hungarians and the Hungarian Language in Transcarpathia

Szerzők: István Csernicskó, Kornélia Hires-László, Zoltán Karmacsi, Anita Márku, István Molnár D., Réka Máté, Enikő Tóth-Orosz

Publikálás éve: 2023

Transcarpathia as a geographical-administrative unit was established in 1919 as a result of the peace treaties that ended the First World War. During the 20th century, historical storms swept the area known as Transcarpathia to several different state formations: it has belonged to Czechoslovakia after the Kingdom of Hungary within the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy; in a transitional period, a state was established on its territory (Carpathian Ukraine); it has returned to the Kingdom of Hungary for a short time; then, after another transitional period (Transcarpathian Ukraine), it was annexed to the Soviet Union. It was inherited by Ukraine in 1991. 

Our issue discusses how the Hungarian national minority living in the independent Ukrainian state, which has been part of several states for the past hundred years, has maintained its language, identity and culture over the past century, and the social and linguistic consequences of the past years and the events of the 19th century in the language use of the Hungarians living here.

The topicality of the publication is given by the fact that 2019 was the 100th anniversary of the historical event that in 1919 Transcarpathia was formed into an independent administrative-geographical unit. This process was confirmed when Hungary signed the Treaty of Trianon on the 4th of June, 1920, 102 years ago.

The Hungarian humanities and social sciences in Transcarpathia can show significant research results on the linguistic and social processes of the last 100 years. In line with this anniversary, we try to briefly summarize and present and illustrate the linguistic and social consequences of the century, from 1919 until 1920 with illustrations, diagrams, tables, photos and maps.

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